Timeless Dreams

She smiled when you cried.
You smiled mischievously when she glared.
You dreamed, she fulfilled.
She dreamed for you, you had different interests.
She ran to fetch you when you fell sick.
You ran away when her knees fell weak.
In this race against time, we forgot our folks are running out of time. She always buried the hatchet between you and your sibling. She quit her career when you went through a lean patch in your academic. Were you there for her at least when her knees were feeble?
They always accepted challenges for our future. Have you challenged yourself to be there for them in their future?
They taught us true meanings of life, meanings that built us who we are today.
When life throws curveballs, it may cause to stumble. Life’s challenges shouldn’t defeat us. They are none other than our parents and grandparents. Prioritize your folks! Because they prioritized us.
Don’t be there just in their dreams, be there in their reality. Your dreams and success will follow you and turn into reality.

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