Blessed by Birth

Caged Ble006c5ee8385b099f602a8a2cab24d683--bird-quotes-quotes-picsssed by birth:

The upbringing of a child is not all under the scrutiny of a mother alone but also a father. With the arrival of a newborn, the parents shower their immense love and joy. The little footprints enlighten their way. Every parent has their own way of showing love. Some listen to every word of their kids while others complete their words before listening. Parents have lived in this self-serving world more than their offspring have. Their views conflict with their young yet old ones. When challenging thoughts foster new thoughts of freedom, it only leads them away from their parents. Being rooted is good, but when the roots are taking away an individual’s ability to decide?
That’s where the thoughts evolve.
Call it blessed or caged, but it’s a blessing with a bondage. All you need is a different perspective.


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