Happiness, The Internal Flow.

imageHappiness is an internal flow

“I don’t feel good about it anymore, It’s just so depressing, they don’t care, I’m being neglected” are all that lights up your inferiority complex.
Have you thought why you don’t feel good or why it’s depressing, why they don’t care or why you’re being neglected?
Uh, why waste time thinking what others think about you? You were never born to make them feel good. You’re that precious gem whom Almighty chose to enlighten your parents’ beautiful little world of joy. You’ve got to chew over the fact that those who don’t care, don’t really matter and those who do, are all your loved ones around you.
After all the ball is in your court whether to choose their viewpoint or yours (and your loved ones). Happiness doesn’t really come at the drop of a hat. Someone has cut corners to get your favourite gadget. Someone has worked day in and day out for you to reach that podium.
Never take it for granted for the sake of all the efforts they’ve taken to make you happy.

It has nothing to do with the materials or gadgets, it’s just a mindset. Feeling the glow of contentment manifests actual happiness.
So now you know what creates the distinct inclination of your own happiness, just your contentment.


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